US Healthcare Industry’s Overhaul

Healthcare spend in the US has outpaced other industries over the years. The healthcare industry is currently swamped with changes in compliance mandates, transforming healthcare landscape to make systems more affordable and accessible. These mandates also demand for better integration of health information received from various stakeholders.

This information will be instrumental in changing healthcare systems and encourage innovation. However, healthcare providers are currently facing various challenges primary being reduce costs and the ones listed here:

Challenges of healthcare providers

These demanding business challenges and ever shifting landscape make it difficult to strategize IT initiatives. As a Provider you need to take one step at a time and gradually transform your systems to make them more affordable and accessible.

Step I

Start by investigating new technologies to:

  • Lower the growing healthcare costs
  • Fill gaps in the Medicare payments pipeline
  • Improve efficiency
  • Involve patients more closely to take their healthcare decisions

Step II

Create in-house innovation departments and partner with third-party organizations to define a more patient-centric model.

To build a robust foundation as well as fulfill the current regulatory norms, Providers today should focus on 4 vital aspects:


This blog is the first blog in a series of five; in the next few blogs our domain experts will delve into in-depth discussion on how you can streamline migration to the new compliances and the ideal plan of action for the next few years.