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The Four Pillars of Digital Modernization

In previous articles, I have covered a number of important topics, including:

In this final installment, I
intend to touch upon the critical pillars of digital modernization, and how a
layered approach can ensure the completeness of digital modernization story.

The goal of digital Initiatives
is to maximize business performance while embracing new opportunities for top-line
growth, driving the bottom line through efficiency improvement, and securing
operations. At Atos Syntel, as part of our engagement with clients, we try to
address four questions to highlight how digital can play a core role in our
customers’ business transformation. These four questions are critical pillars
to completing the digital transformation journey.

  • Customer Experience: CX is the most important means to achieving top-line and bottom-line growth. It ensures consumer satisfaction across all touchpoints, predicting customer needs and desires, and enabling enterprises to respond directly to them in order to create a sense of personal relationship. The ultimate goal is to make every customer a social advocate for the brand’s products and services.
  • Business Reinvention : The world around us is changing and so the competitive landscape. Therefore, the traditional outlook of a business and its competition are no longer sufficient. Making business reinvention a part of the digital modernization journey helps one rethink existing business models and/or create new ones to take advantage of evolving digital networks.
  • Operational Excellence: Responding to both business challenges and opportunities in an agile manner is extremely critical individuals as well as organizations. The ultimate goal is to integrate operations and processes across the product/service value chain and align them with customer experience. It helps us become more agile to meet not just customer needs, but competitive opportunities and challenges as well.
  • Trust and Compliance: In the past, this was not a big factor in business strategies. However, PSD2, GDPR and many new regulations across the globe make it critical to ensure that your infrastructure, personnel, and customers are secure and compliant. More importantly, good security practices and the trust it fosters are becoming a primary lever for innovation and growth.

While weaving a digital transformation story, I believe it is extremely important that we cover all the above aspects through specific solutions. So, how do we achieve these digital aspirations?

Business-relevant cloud solutions are an important first step. They deliver the agility to respond to customer needs and competitive challenges – making it the foundation of business reinvention.

Next, having an appropriate digital
workplace solution will ensure the whole organization is contributing to
operational excellence.  Both of these foundational
elements can enable insight-driven cognitive decision making and improved
customer experience. In addition, addressing cybersecurity risks and regulatory
requirements ensure that we mitigate the ever-evolving challenges on these

By taking a hard look at where
you are, where you want to go, asking the right questions and taking proactive
steps to modernize, any enterprise can ensure a smooth, low-risk path to the future.