Posted on: March 25-2015 | By : Gary Ayingaran | In: Business Agility,Industries,Outsourcing and Technology Integration | 4 Comments
The IT industry is witnessing a dynamic shift, not just in technology, tools, infrastructure and methodology, but in the choice of geographical locations for outsourcing and offshoring, as well. As the outsourcing industry matures, a dynamic shift simultaneously takes place across regional outsourcing landscapes. Historically, organizations have been able to tap into relative wage differentials across geographies to build a strong value proposition for offshoring. While cost arbitrage continues to be a significant driver of global sourcing for most companies, the cost advantage is slowly diminishing due to factors like wage inflation, talent scarcity and throughput. Organizations, who are diversifying their outsourcing locations are looking for increased flexibility to service delivery, build new capabilities with access to local skill and to leverage the growth in the domestic economy.
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Gary Ayingaran
Gary Ayingaran is the Center Head of Syntel’s Philippines facility, where he manages operations...

Posted on: February 01-2013 | By : Shekar L | In: Outsourcing and Technology Integration | 3 Comments
An organization’s choice of partner should be driven by the interplay of three different, ever-changing forces: a) The organization’s capabilities and assets b) The business objectives, values and aspirations, and c) Available options and realities in the market place One needs to fit together the below three important puzzle pieces while selecting a partner.

Shekar L

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Shekar L
L Shekar is Vice President & Global Head of Syntel’s Infrastructure Management Services, a...


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