Posted on: November 23-2016 | By : Harish Rijhwani | In: Analytics,Big Data,Digital Modernization,Digital Solutions,Intelligent Business | 2 Comments
The global healthcare analytics market is projected to reach around $23 billion by the year 2020. While the banking and retail industry has been using analytics for a long time, the healthcare industry has recently adopted this technology. A simple example can explain this, have you ever used your credit/debit card multiple times in a span of say five – ten minutes with the amount being substantially high? Well I have J and within two minutes of the transactions I received a call from the bank asking me if I was using my debit card or I have misplaced it.
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Harish Rijhwani
Harish C. Rijhwani is a Delivery Manager at Syntel with 14+ years of experience in Healthcare...

Posted on: December 31-2012 | By : Albin Xavier | In: Outsourcing and Technology Integration | 9 Comments
In early days, client IT infrastructure was managed entirely at onsite client premises. But as IT operations grew to support multiplying business needs, this model was rendered inadequate in terms of scalability and cost effectiveness.

Albin Xavier

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Albin Xavier
Albin Xavier is an Infrastructure Management Specialist focused on gathering research intelligence...


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