Quality Measures achieved for ACOs through Analytics of EMR data

As the industry gears up to achieve Quality Measure compliance for ACOs (Accountable Care Organization) it is imperative to consider EMR data as a rich source of information to evaluate the Quality Measure compliance.

Healthcare Providers are looking at information for specific patients, while exploring data across population-based metrics, such as data specific to a particular physician or for a certain condition, such as diabetes or hypertension.

To manage the complexity of quality measure reporting effectively, organizations need to build a holistic roadmap to bring clinical and financial information together. Similarly it is important to design processes to achieve high levels of data quality and standardization and appropriately interpret and implement evidence-based clinical guidelines.

To illustrate, we discuss one of the approaches of data analytics in detail, with an example of the l quality measure for preventive screening of breast cancer using Mammography.

ACO Compliance


This is an integrated approach using BI/Analytics to manage data and support clinical measures for scalability across multiple initiatives from a centralized repository.

It is essential to track the provider organizations and turn the wheel in the increased granularity and more specific SNOMED and ICD 10 world. Providers need to continuously enhance the clinical care quality to the patients and in turn stay abreast with regulations requiring them to be accountable for the quality of care they provide to the patients.