IT-enabled Pharmaceutical Alliance Management

Pharmaceutical industry is constantly under pressure to intensify its search for the next blockbuster drug. So, alliance frameworks are a win-win situation for both the partners—the research-rich but cash-trapped and the better-resourced but discovery-hungry companies.

For efficient alliance management and seamless collaboration between the internal stakeholders and vendors, Syntel has built an industry proven and proprietary ‘ACE’ framework:

Alliance Management Framework

This framework ensures seamless collaboration and management of various alliances. Syntel’s Alliance Management Tool is built on SharePoint using the ACE framework.

The success of alliance management depends on:

  • Effective collaboration between the project teams
  • Clearly defined alliance goals and monitoring
  • Knowledge sharing
  • Relationship management

Let see how Syntel’s Alliance Management Tool tackles challenges pertaining to alliances:

Challenges Syntel’s Alliance Management Tool
Lack of information about various alliances their current status Dashboards list alliances, grouped by various parameters such as department, type of alliance, therapeutic area, and so on and also helps to track the progress of a particular alliance
Project organization and stakeholders When integrated with Active Directory, the Alliance Management Tool will provide information on key stakeholders at a glance
Lack of collaboration between Alliance Managers and Project Teams Extensive collaboration features to ensure that teams collaborate seamlessly and that documents/products are tracked very easily
Alliance goals are not communicated and tracked continuously Dashboards for evaluating an alliance on pre-decided and configurable scientific outcomes
Alliance Metrics not captured and tracked Alliance Metrics are incorporated in the Key Scientific Outcomes dashboard and tracked
Technology failure – the inability of the chosen scientific approach to deliver Milestone based tracking, scheduled tracking can help key stakeholders to detect a probable future technology failure at the right stage and they can continue/discontinue the alliance or the individual alliance goal

The ACE Framework, if integrated with the existing enterprise systems such as Active Directory, project management systems, and intranet, can serve as a powerful tool for everyone—from the Head of Alliance Management to Alliance Scientists.

With a broad gamut of alliances in the pharmaceutical industry, managing alliances and evaluating the relationship continuously is critical to the success of the alliance. Going further, it will also help Pharma companies to achieve return on investment and time from their alliances.