Digital Genie to Alleviate Healthcare

Don’t we often wonder, what if a Genie were to appear and grant us some wishes? What would you wish for? As a doctor, I too, have a wish list and am sure so do my patients. What would they wish for from their healthcare providers and payers?

Healthcare is a basic right of every individual and we are at the cusp of a digital revolution in healthcare. This is the right time to address the wishes of patients. Based on my interactions with some of my patients I have come up with a wish list of for the Digital Genie:

Healthcare anytime - all the time:

Easy accessibility to the clinician/care provider as per patients’ convenience is a must. Patients don’t want to wait for their next appointment, so enabling online consulting over FaceTime, Skype or Gtalk will save wait time and reduce commute. Accessibility tops the wish list!

Data integration across Payers and Providers:

Make health data of patients available to care givers, pharmacists and payers. Let patients own their health data; allow them to view, download or share health information at a nominal cost. This improves care delivery, thereby enhancing convenience and patient satisfaction.

Personal Alarms:

How often do you forget to take your medicines or don’t take them on time or overlook the weighing scale when it crosses the red mark and continue indulging in a double cheese omelette with fries? Very often? Wouldn’t it be nice to have a single health monitor that can be customized to alert patients from time to time or when they go beyond the prescribed limits?

Cost Control:

Like any other service or product, give a holistic app to patients, where they have an option to choose a plan fits their budget, lifestyle, heath conditions and personal preference. With information at their fingertips, it is now easy for patients to understand the covered benefits, explanation of benefits (EOB), out-of-pocket deductibles, copayments and other cost correspondence.

Pay bills online:

We pay all our utility bills online. We shop online, bank online and order food online. Then why not pay the Doctor online?

I hope the Digital Genie is listening! Simplify care management and break the complicated silos, is the mantra. Roll up your sleeves and make these wishes your command.