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DevOps – A Way to Exploit Change

To stay competitive, businesses thrive on change. With business driving these product/service changes, development teams have increased their adoption of agile programming methodologies pushing Build phase and Run phase so far apart, every new release induces spikes in support tickets. Since business expects continuous build and deployment for enhancing features, offering more services and simplifying transactions, it is now imperative to change the way development and operations work together.

A new evolving discipline ‘DevOps’ brings together two streams- Development, an application and Service development, testing, deployment, scaling and monitoring with key non-functional business requirements. Operations strive to sustain software quality, security, availability, reliability and performance. DevOps makes them programmable and embedded in the build phase so the switch over to Run phase in production environments is unobtrusive.

On the floor, often we see divergence - Developers want immediate access to newer computing and storage resources, along with the real-time accommodation of frequent minor app updates, patches, hot fixes and releases. IT operations groups want higher availability and reliability; they thrive on maintaining stability and status quo of the data center’s networked resources and software. DevOps steps in to resolve this diverging interest since it is more about operational concerns, which is becoming more and more programmable. And, operation teams are becoming more comfortable; capable with handling continuous building and deployments in production environments. This synergy helps business in a faster execution of their go—to-market strategies.

To sum it up - DevOps is about renewed interests in changing people’s mindset and nature of the environment they work in. It starts with operations teams getting embedded into development right at the beginning. The best thing about DevOps is that it tries to foster behaviors and environment, where people work together towards joint goals.