Comprehensive Test Repositories

As Providers refurbish their old software, upgrade to new systems, they also need to focus on software testing to achieve desired compliance. The diversity of products used by Providers adds to the challenges—increasing demand for end-to-end test repositories. Be it system testing for EMR systems/RCM products, integration testing involving dataflow across systems, or end-to-end testing for the entire lifecycle, Providers today are struggling to meet ends because of:

  • Multidisciplinary skill requirement for successful testing, e.g. IT, revenue management, clinical documentation, medical coding, and more
  • Ongoing system upgrades
  • Test data synchronization, across Provider/Payer and third-party test environments

Providers either need a centralized test bed, or must invest in software and tools, expend additional resources to create test data, and re-create its trading partners’ testing conditions multiple times. This takes away a huge chunk of capital that could be invested in strategic initiatives.

To mitigate these challenges Providers, including small and large institutions, need a comprehensive test repository.

A comprehensive test repository provides valuable test cases and scenarios to accomplish end-to-end testing deliverables. The only way to conduct end-to-end testing is by using the same test cases across all entities, thereby uncovering defects as they occur and measure each trading partner to the same standard of quality. Organizations should also plan and store test scenarios, cases, and test data for reuse during other tests—provided it is on a shared test data repository.

This approach ensures higher quality and huge savings. Moving forward we will see how to go that extra mile to tap the potential and capitalize on medical data.

Build Your Comprehensive Test Repository