Be Futuristic – Use Forecasting and Predictive Analytics to improve Quality

As we gear up for the overhaul it is not just the compliances that Providers need to secure their processes for, you also need to tap large amount of data for data forensics. The EMR and data warehouse systems will become rich sources of information, making it important to build a holistic framework to manage clinical and financial information for effective and efficient reporting. Similarly, it is important to design processes to achieve high levels of data quality and standardization and appropriately interpret and implement evidence-based clinical guidelines.   You can leverage this rich source of data to improve quality of care rendered to patients by drawing insights to support important decisions. At this juncture, the healthcare industry can benefit immensely by using this vast data for Patient Focused Analytics. One aspect is to use predictive/forecasting models, in order to build these algorithms it is important to:

  • Analyze structured data from EMR - demographic data (age, race, and gender), vitals (blood pressure, temperature), clinical diagnosis, present on admission indicators, lab results, medication, etc.
  • Domesticate and analyze unstructured data - physician notes, discharge summaries, images (ECG, x-ray, ultrasound), etc.
  • Arrive at a patient risk score for each patient
  • Predict possibility of readmissions and length of stay of patients

This will aid Providers to improve disease management programs and predict patient health, based on their current lifestyle. Predictive analytics is also expected to bring down costs, by assisting preventive care and employing methods to improve AR, thereby reducing the cost burdens   Data analytics will rejuvenate the entire healthcare system, allowing doctors to deliver high quality, personalized patient care, efficiently and cost effectively, anytime, anywhere. The next step going forward should be to enable real-time analytics and mobile health for easier, faster, and cheaper access, allowing more people to receive good care.   Predictive Analytics