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Posted on: February 27-2015 | By : Yusuf Rangwala | In: Business Agility,Cloud,Digital Solutions,Intelligent Business,Mobility | No Comments
I would like to share an interesting trend related to Azure. Azure offers high availability and on-demand scalability, besides cost effectiveness — factors crucial for organizations embarking on the digital enablement journey. In fact, Azure forms the digital backbone for organizations, and can scale on demand to meet the growing traffic and surge in digital devices within and outside organizations.  
Posted on: January 04-2013 | By : Yusuf Rangwala | In: Cloud | No Comments
Going by the hype cycle, as defined by Gartner, and my experiences from the past two years, it is clearly evident that Cloud is here to stay and will be the focused area for enterprises in this year. However, Cloud has a number of flavors, and not all varieties of Cloud will be the immediate focus for organizations. Here is my take on the rate of adoption of various cloud services.
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