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Posted on: September 30-2013 | By : Vijay Veerapaneni | In: Enterprise Technology,Outsourcing and Technology Integration | No Comments
Businesses have now realized the importance of questioning any shift in IT strategy to map any decision to change or not with business benefits. It is important to see the value when moving away from the systems that you have been using for years or even decades. IT upgrades are beyond the face value of version changes and a routine procedure; they need to be seen as complex IT projects.
Posted on: January 18-2013 | By : Vijay Veerapaneni | In: Business Agility,Outsourcing and Technology Integration | 8 Comments
To stay competitive, businesses thrive on change. With business driving these product/service changes, development teams have increased their adoption of agile programming methodologies pushing Build phase and Run phase so far apart, every new release induces spikes in support tickets. Since business expects continuous build and deployment for enhancing features, offering more services and simplifying transactions, it is now imperative to change the way development and operations work together.
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