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Posted on: March 08-2013 | By : Chetan Manjarekar | In: Enterprise Technology | 8 Comments
In the first part of this article-series on ERP and BPM integration, we discussed the considerations to be made before and during the project implementation. This article highlights the common mistakes Indian companies tend to make during rollout. Avoid these missteps and ensure a smooth and successful ERP integration with BPM.
Posted on: March 01-2013 | By : Chetan Manjarekar | In: Enterprise Technology | 18 Comments
Today all businesses rely heavily on ERP software for important business functions such as production planning, operations management, accounting and finance, sales, and service support. Given external challenges like competition and economic uncertainty, businesses are under pressure to improve their business processes. In such a scenario, integrating ERP with a business process management (BPM) solution can help achieve better productivity and efficiency.
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