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All about Investing in PMCoE

An organization’s operational efficiency is largely dependent on how well it manages different projects. This calls for a well-defined project management approach that ensure projects achieving all predetermined goals with optimized allocation of resources. A Project Management Center of Excellence (PMCoE) enables organizations to have an enterprise level approach towards project management. PMCoE serves as a centralized body or function which has the autonomy to educate, energize and enrich people knowledge. This entity also has the excellence, best practices and expertise on project management.

I will be focusing on some core concepts in the blog series, where I will highlight the importance of PMCoE in all industries.

Let us start by discussing the prerequisites of creating a PMCoE.

Project Management and Project Managers have never been more important to the accomplishment of corporate work scopes. An increased emphasis on performance, accountability, and cost-effectiveness is driving industries to reassess work scope planning and execution. Organizations are using Project management as ‘the tool’ for effective streamlining. This change, however, requires planning. No longer can workforce size, resources, training, or experience alone help organizations to achieve their goals. Accomplishment begins with judicious alignment of resources, a shift in corporate culture, and with a committed management team. It is a journey to excellence.

Cultural shift towards Project Management has been on going. To achieve a more complete transition, it is important to empower resources at every levels of the management. Involving all levels of management immediately sends the message of total commitment. Continued work toward institutionalizing the process also strengthens this effort. Pushing change requires wide spread, committed involvement. It keeps things moving.

Project management is one of the critical levers for organizational success. Today, organizations which excel in delivering their business are often at a higher degree of project management maturity than others that have not progressed in the path of successful project management implementation.

Sometime there is a lot of doubt over adoption of either a top-down or bottom-up approach for implementing new processes and culture. The organization’s culture has to support transformation at all levels. The leadership team is the key driver of enhancements needed by the organization. They authorize implementation efforts, exemplify practices, and provide support, while the operations teams have to have the buy-in necessary for the actual implementation of the project. Cooperation between the leadership team and operations team is essential to ensure the level of excellence expected by implementing project management principles.

In the next blog, I will be covering Characteristics of a successful PMCoE. Stay tuned.